“Dear Dave,

Please find our payment of $— for our patio/drainage work enclosed with this letter.

In addition to making payment, we want to thank you and your crew for your outstanding workmanship and professionalism. We have never been so pleased with any contractor throughout the process from conceptualizing the project to completion. We are delighted with the overall design and impressed with the quality of the work. In addition, we were amazed to come home the last day not only to find the project complete, but our yard restored to perfect condition and all our furniture, etc., already in place on the new patio! Your attention to the details made this large project a very positive experience for us.

We are including a token of our appreciation to your crew with our payment. We trust that you will find the best way to share this tip with the individuals that worked on our yard.

Thank you again.


Mark and Vicki

P.S. When you have the chance, please send us a receipt that indicates the cost just to replace the piece of concrete that had been broken off within our carport. Thanks!”