“Dear Mike,

I wanted to take the time to let you know what an outstanding job your crew did. As you know, I hired your company to remove an old driveway and put in a new one. Because the existing driveway was not connected to the house and was sloping directly to the house I had continuous water problems. I wanted not just a new driveway, but one that would solve my water problems as well.

Bright and early Tuesday morning a brigade of workers arrived in a fleet of trucks. Armed with all kinds of rakes, tools and other implements of destruction. It was a force not to be reckoned with and quite an impressive sight. After a brief introduction, without hesitation, they went to work on the job that was to be done. Although at a first glance, my impression of the crew was skeptical at best. I couldn’t be more pleased to say my impression was wrong.

At the direction of your brother, David, the crew worked diligently and professionally until the job was completed. The driveway is beautiful and is the envy in the neighborhood. They cleaned up the entire area before leaving. They even went the extra mile to pour concrete under the front drain spout so that water would not be a problem there thought I hadn’t requested it.

Several neighbors and friends that had passed by called last night to tell me how great it looked. On behalf of myself and my family, please convey our sincere appreciation to David and the whole crew. Please feel free to use this letter for future requests for personal recommendations. I will gladly spread the word as well. While trying to obtain personal recommendations from people during the hiring process, I learned that few people are willing to communicate successful construction stories. The horror stories seem more popular. I wanted to share my wonderful experience so that you could show other people that a big job like this can have a happy ending, but your probably won’t hear about it on 60 minutes or 20/20.

Best Wishes for your continued success,